New beginnings

The last exam that I would be taking as a student, for quite a while at least, was finishing, as I was roaming the empty streets of Canterbury in this cold morning, at 5 AM.

“What was I supposed to do now, what were the next steps?”, I reflected, as I walked through the supporting wall surrounding the city centre and observed the sunrise.

Soon enough, if my efforts were proven to be enough during the examination periods, I would have a Computer Science bachelor’s degree, and would need to start looking for a job in this field.

I’ve never been averse to the idea of blogging, I’ve tried to have multiple blogs and logs over the years, most of them I had to abandon due to a lack of time, or a lack of things to say.

I decided that, as I was passing a major step in my life, that I could retake the idea of blogging. Now introducing the website you’re currently visiting: I repurposed the former static page to have a website where I could share my latest endeavours, share a part of my journey with you.